Da Democrats Vs Republicans Theory of Relationships

I had one of my tweeps ask me a relationship question, that made me thing.  Between being a Mama’s boy, having 95% of my friends females . . . I have some cool insights on relationships.  So after rolling this question around in my head, I thought I would share my theory.  Most relation relationships fall apart because of change, DUH.  Whether it’s about, money, sex, attention, or the toilet seat being left up, it’s all about change.

Are you smoking crack?  No I’m not . . . let’s look at it from the point of Democrats  versus Republicans.  I think most of us ( intelligent people ) can agree that we all want to be happy in some crazy way.  No matter who we identify ourselves with Democrats or Republicans we want to be happy and successful.  I believe most of us in relationships want to be happy and successful, although we may have different was of measuring it.

Thinking vs Doing

Like our Democratic party one person is all about thinking and discussing.  One person wants to talk about the issues and the problems before making a decision.  They are the “Thinkers” in the relationship, which is good for processing, but can be painful for a do “Doer”.  Like our Republic party one person is about doing, they may or may not think about the issues or problems they are eager to get started fixing the problem.  The “Doer” is good at getting stuff done,  but can be frustrating to a “Thinker”.  Both parties want to solve the problem, but in different ways.  The “Doer” jumps in and gets things done, whether it’s a sound decision or not.  The “Thinker” discusses the problem to death so it may or may not ever get done.  We can switch parties depending on the situation, but usually we are loyal to our party.

“I Can Change You” vs “I Hope You Don’t Change”

Now the biggest issue for the Political Relationship how we see the importance of change.  We have the Democrats “Yes, We Can” and the Republicans “No, We Shouldn’t”.  Whether there should be change in the relationship isn’t the problem it’s usually the reaction that causes the problem.  Not to be sexist, but usually the female is the Democrat and the male is the Republican.  This works for same sex relationships, it’s not gender based, but based on the how one identifies themselves.  I have found that the Democrat thinks they can change everything for the better, while the Republican hopes things don’t change at all.  One person hopes the other person doesn’t change ( Please, don’t change ), while the other person hopes the other person will change ( I can fix them ).  One person sees the potential of the person, “With my help, they can be a better person”.  The other person likes what they see, “I like what I see, don’t change”. Change is going to happen, trouble happens when both parties realize that the change has actually happened.

It’s Hard Work

Relationships are HARD!  Dr Phil says, “Do you want to be right or happy”.  We all have to pick one .  Change is going to happen, we just have to figure out how we are going to deal with it.  Am I going to be OK if I can’t change my sig other?  Am I going to love my sig other even if they change.  Can we going to change together?

We can only control our change and how we deal with the other persons change.  No matter how much you love someone that doesn’t mean you are meant to be together forever, unless you are willing to work at it.  Love doesn’t conquer all, love and hard work conquers all.

4 Responses to “Da Democrats Vs Republicans Theory of Relationships”
  1. Whoa!!! Eye-Opener!! Not sure if I was the motivation for this Post But….THANK YOU!!! So many points hit home!! I’m a Democrat thru and thru!!! I hear your message…Love AND WORK conquers All!!! GOT IT!!!! Thanks Eddie!!!

    Love You Lots!!
    Dr. Mo

  2. Very good post. One that makes you really think. I know which I am and my husband is the exact opposite. It is amazing what happens when they come together as one make it work!
    I am so happy you are back at it and I hope to see lots more!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Are you saying I am an ass and my boyfriend is an elephant?
    BODA weight loss

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