25 Random Things about Da Man

  1. I was once in a “Gun Control Video” I ab libed the line, “You look so good I want to put you on a plate and soop you up with a bisket” < it’s from “Coming to America” >
  2. I sang “Two Shillotes” a Fiji song on the top of the Effel tower so I could do it again, when my wife and I get to go together one day.
  3. I forgot my student id, so I sang the FSU fight song at disney to get a student discount.  The entire line cheered!
  4. Music is my passion, all types. I have seen Boys II Men, Shania Twain, Alabama, Al B. Sure, New Edition, Elton John, Kenny Chesney, Luther Vandroff, Lupe Fusico, Rihanna, N.E.R.D, and Kanye West in concert.
  5. When I was 3 I went to disney and asked Mickey Mouse if he had my phone number.  I had just learned it so I gave it too him and told him to call me. HE NEVER CALLED.  #therapy
  6. Roger was my mom’s  imaginary son when I was a kid.  My mom made him up, to remind me what good boys do. Although I knew she was joking, it worked.
  7. I was stung in the head by a nest of yellow jackets when I was 10.
  8. My favorite movie is “When Harry Met Sally” I have seen it 12 times.
  9. I used to DJ in college and I have always wanted to own my own Dance Club.
  10. A field of Dandlions is my happy place. When stressed, I close my eyes and visit the place in Switzerland that I went too on my 30th birthday.
  11. I love Unicorns.  My Freshman year, I used to have posters of Unicorns and Apallonia 6 on my walls.  FYI:  I had no girlfriend my Freshman year.
  12. I love romance! I’ve had Candle Light Picnics, drove an hour and a half late night surprise delivery of meds and flowers, and surprised serenaded my wife at our wedding reception.
  13. On a crusie I was mistaken for Eddie Lovett the Reggae music star and was bought a shot of  . . . heck only God knows.
  14. One year I invited a good friend to formal, then I found out that the girl I like was interested in me.  So I tired to get my Fraternity Lil Bro to take her so I wouldn’t hurt my friends feelings.  Don’t Judge, THIS GIRL WAS HOT!!! I still remember her name!
  15. I had perfect attendence from 9th through 12th grade!
  16. When I was 7 I had to go to bed at 7:00 pm o’clock on School and Church nights.  So Fridays I could stay up as long as I wanted too.  For one whole year, I would stay up all night watching TV and refused go to bed.
  17. I’m an only child, and by gosh I am not spoiled.
  18. I have two tattoos.  A cross on my chest and my fraternity letters on my ankle.  And no I was not drunk either time.
  19. I didn’t drink until I was 21, of course I made up for it.  Got the spins on my 21st birthday and haven’t looked back.
  20. I ran a 5k, 8k and half Marathon all in one year.
  21. If I had one wish, it would be for world peace, or a man cave with a 73 inch big screen TV with a PS3 and all of the Wii Hero and Rock Star games.
  22. I am horrified of mold, maggots, and brussel sprouts.
  23. I was born with a slightly curved pinky, my 5 year old has one too.
  24. Once I spent all day site seeing with my best friend, then we spent 10 hours on a plane from Amsterdam to Miami, went out to eat when we landed,  then partied for 5 hours in South Beach, and then I passed out on a hour an a half plane ride home.
  25. I completed the “Century Club” [ shot of beer every min for 100 mins ] in college and hurled foam at each of the four breaks.  I passed out on my water bed and forgot to turn on the heater.  My ( soon to be ) girlfriend and I frozen our ARSE off, it was a second date. I MISS COLLEGE . . good times <insert NPR voice>
2 Responses to “25 Random Things about Da Man”
  1. Nadeen says:

    Never would have guessed When Harry Met Sally. It is on my list but not at the top. I have never seen brussel sprouts and maggots lumped together before but I have seen celery and maggots appear on someone else’s list. I guess it would be more surprising if you weren’t horrified of maggots but that is just me.

  2. Shannon says:

    I have never watched when Harry met Sally. Maybe I need to rent it. Love this post about you! There is so much more to you than farmville 😉
    p.s. Could you give Mr. Fabulous a call and explain the benefits of romance and seranades? He just does not listen to me!

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