Enjoy Da Journey: Aha – “Take On Me”

I said I was going to start blogging more and I’m actually 2 for 2 in weeks! Yea for me . . . anyhooo. The “Enjoy Da Journey” post is one of those “aha” moments post! ( Not the “Take on Me” moment , but the “Hey stupid pay attention” moment ) So last week it took a 6 year old to remind me of what is really important. Since I told him I cried during my run, now he asks me after every run, “Did you read my letter” and “Did you cry again”. Well this time I didn’t cry, but it was just as emotional.

This week our training group did a half-marathon race simulation. We had numbers, had to sign up, and there were even volunteers. It was all pretty impressive. For some reason, I was nervous about it for a couple of days. I know one reason was because I had been pretty sore all week and wasn’t sure if I would have it in me to do 13.1 miles. I also think it was that I had made friends in the group, and running a race with people you don’t know, you aren’t afraid to look stupid. One of my friends reminded me that the real race was in 3 weeks so why kill ourself now. DUH! So I enjoyed the journey. I took a nice slow pace, and was singing to my Drake playlist. Now mind you I had the music so loud I didn’t know I was really singing loudly until the run/walk group kept passing me laughing. Beth ( one of my new friends ) would pass me and start singing, it was pretty funny, then when I would pass her she would remind me of the last song I was singing. After mile 7 I decided that I had had enough and I would try the run/walk! It was SO COOL! After putting aside Macho Ed and realizing they had the same pace run/walking as I did running I was able to enjoy more of the run and I was in less pain. Another “aha” moment!

Why do we have a hard time with living in the moment? What has caused us to forget that the journey is just if not more important than any other part of a event. There will always be stops along the way, but they still make up life as a whole. I gotta get back to judging myself by the process and no the end result. I know it’s not easy but I want my sons to enjoy the journey, to embrace the process and realize that you learn and grow through the journey. I would rather for them to do their best and enjoy the process and get a “C” out of it then to half – ass it and get an “A” just off their talents or luck. Bottom line, we have to make the journey so we might as well enjoy it.

At the end of the day, can you say you “I enjoyed the journey”


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