Bringing Sexy Back

So here I go again, sharing something that has been a part of me for almost 2 years. Eight years ago I wanted to see if I could workout everyday for a year, two years later I was still working out. It became a part of me and something that I looked forward to everyday. I even fell asleep one night and woke up at 2 o’clock in the morning because I had forgotten to workout. Well when my first son was born I stopped working out daily, I still blame him and he takes it’s funny . . which it is! Anyhoo a year and a half ago my boy @PassionMD was doing the 365 tweet picture thing where you tweet a picture everyday for 365 days. So I challenged him to do #365workout with me, and thus the concept was born .

why I love it
I love #365workout because it has become who I am. I think about doing something for my body everyday. I might not be the healthiest person alive or Mr. Muscle man, but I do know that it has been great for me. I know I feel better when I excercise and I also know that even if I do something small like crunches it gives me something to shoot for each day. It has changed my mindset and thus I love trying to figure out what I’m going to do so I don’t get bored. I have done tae-bo, Tai-Chi, Zamba and belly dancing ( now that was funny ) to mix it up a lil. I also love the connections I made with my tweeps. Doing it with my twitter friends made it better, cause I looked forward to seeing what my tweeps were doing and not to mention, I felt bad if I was posting to many easy days.

what you need to do
You need to make a committment to workout everyday for 365 days. “But everyone knows your muscles need to rest” This isn’t about just your body, #365workout is about changing your mind. You don’t have to do 30 minute cardio or a hour of heavy lifting. It’ about getting in to a mental pattern. I have what I call “Easy Days” and “Workin Days”. My “Easy Days” are days I don’t physical feel like working out, so take from my easy list, crunches, stretching or push-ups. These are to mentally keeping me in the flow of thinking about my body. I try not to have more than 2 or 3 easy days in a row. My “Workin Days” are days that I work in chores or family time. Mowing the yard, raking leaves, playing soccer or some physical activity with Da Boys! “Easy Days” and “Workin Days” help break up the notion that exercise has to be organized, planned and can’t evole the family!

So that’s it can you do it? Can you commit to 1 year, 6 months! Make it a habit with 30 days straight. You will never look back!

13 Responses to “Bringing Sexy Back”
  1. tiva joy battin says:

    I love it! Mostly I walk on my treadmill everyday for anywhere from 30mins to 60 mins a day. I shoot for 60 mins, but give myself a break if I just can’t muster up the strength. Sometimes I even use my weights for my arms after and the wheel to work on my stomach. I feel so great. Don’t nap nearly as much and feel incredible in the mornings! Great idea!

  2. Kyra says:

    Some days I feel like I should be committed, so why not committ to exercise instead of the insane asylum.

  3. I absolutely love #365Workout! Great way to keep me active and I love all the support from the #365Workout crew. You truly are da man, Eddie! 🙂

  4. I’m in, starting tomorrow.

  5. Great idea! Count me in starting today. 3.2 mile run complete…364 days to go. 😉

  6. Melyssa says:

    Very cool idea. I may tweet about my daily activities, but don’t blog about them.

    And yes, being active everyday, no matter how small or easy the activity is, is better than nothing.

  7. Laura Kelly-Pifer says:

    I love, love, love this idea and will be doing the same. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Melyssa says:

    You and Di got me interested and I just logged in my 3rd day.

  9. SOLD 🙂
    December 1st will be the start of my commitment to do my 365 day workout 🙂
    Thanks Daman!!!

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