Being a Vulnerable Man – it’s easy

I really like this idea of reflecting on being what it means to be vulnerable? I think being vulnerable means letting it all hang out. Can I leave it at that? Probably not! Being vulnerable means being exactly who you are and sharing yourself with others. It means letting people see your emotions. I am a Mama’s Boy ( I’m going to call her after this post ) and I wear that like a badge. I have been sensitive all my life and the choices that I have made have made me vulnerable.

My family and I have always traveled “The Road Less Traveled”. My mom was vulnerable when she decided it was better to be a single parent then to subject me to an unhealthy household. I was called a “wimp” because I was a mama’s boy, and spent weekends going to the movies with my mom instead of my high school friends. My choice and I was teased for it. When I decided to go to FSU and join a predominantly white fraternity, my friends were going to Historically Black Colleges and joining “Black” fraternities and they never failed to let me know I was a “Sellout”.

I’m a father now, and my values I have and the experiences I share about my childhood make me vulnerable. When I share my hardships with my wife and kids, it makes me vulnerable because I’m letting them see the real Ed. When you share the real you, you become vulnerable because you give others the chance to make a judgement call of who you are. I don’t think being vulnerable is bad, but there is a balance that is hard to obtain. I want my sons to be sensitive, but I don’t want them to have the hardships I had. I try to teach them that it’s ok for a man to cry, it’s ok for a man to hug each other, it’s ok for a man to say I love you, and it’s ok for a man to say I need help. These are all things that makes me and any man vulnerable to the stereotypes of what a REAL man is.

It’s easy to be vulnerable, but it’s not easy to handle all the pain that can come along with it. If you are able to find that balance of being vulnerable because you want to be who you were meant to be, you have found something that many never find.

Brought to you by The Word For November: Vulnerability

4 Responses to “Being a Vulnerable Man – it’s easy”
  1. Sounds like you’re teaching your sons all the right things about how to turn out to be good men and even better people. Nice.

  2. Kyra says:

    It sounds like you’ve realized what so many never do: We’re all human and we’re a lot more alike than we are different. Your path made you who you are, which is a kind, and very good person who is a great role model for his sons.

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    I find you more fantastic and awesome each time I read your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I admire such transparency!!!
    Great post!!!!

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